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Periodic attempts at self-validation.

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September 3rd, 2009

01:25 pm - Returns with a head full of Tech.
One simple obvious thing I have learned from my experiences as a full-time shit-kicker job employee: The internet is your ultimate ally in the never-ending fight against the evil forces of boreDOOM (like boredom, but with more doom, get it? get it?).

One other thing I have learned: Like all true geeks, I get a serious spiritual hard-on for speccy new tech reviews. Particularly anything with pc-like capabilities. Lately my oh-so-nerdy thoughts have turned towards these sexy new phones:

Nokia N900:

HTC Hero:

I particularly like the look of the Nokia.. main reasons being it's got that nice lookin' physical keyboard and a damn sexy set of hardware for a handheld device (does anyone but me get concerned about the connotations of slipping that much processing power into your pants everyday?).

One issue I turn my suspicious mind towards though, is that Nokia's app store is.. well lets face it, just plain crap when you compare it to Apple & Android's 70 bazabisquillion easy-to-download apps. Then again, the thing i love about open source software (yay for Maemo 5) is that it's just choc full of wonderful software dev potential, and it seems like they're only just getting started, so I guess I'll accept it as an 'hmmm, maybeez?' rather than a 'zomg so shit' factor.

A lot of people on public forums seem to be complaining about the resistive touchscreen on the Nokia, as opposed to the more popular Capacitive touchscreen (as seen on the Apple iPhones and just about every other popular smart phone). The difference here of course is that the capacitive touchscreen offers multi-touch, and supposedly better accuracy, although the accuracy gap seems to be closing as the technology develops. I really would question the value of multi-touch on 'general use' mobile devices to be honest - is it really that much more convenient to slide your fingers apart than just to double-tap the screen to zoom? Aren't people just whinging over what amounts to a rather small "hey that's pretty cool but also kind of useless" feature here? I can't really comment fully as I've never used multi-touch on a phone for a long enough timespan to really figure out all its uses, but I'd sure be interested to learn of them from someone who has.

The HTC Hero is hot because it's an Android phone (I <3 Android! There, I said it), and it has all the bestest features, and it WORKS.. or at least SHOULD WORK without lag once HTC get their software update rolling out. See here!:

After giving my bent on all of this I've probably made it fairly obvious that I prefer the Nokia, mainly because the N900 effectively holds the Hero over its knee and spanks it hard when it comes to the difference in hardware specs. I shall weep for you though, dear Android *wipes tear from eye*. But when it comes right down to it, operating system developments come free, hardware developments don't.

Of course my decision to buy a phone is wayyy off in the opaque mists of the future, and neither of these phones is available in Aus yet anyway, but hey, I'm bored. It will be interesting to see some user reviews coming out of Europe while I wait for my current phone contract to run out though.

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September 27th, 2007

01:50 am - Strange connections, John Simm, and 'The Shakespeare Code'.
So David Tennant, Shakespeare, and Harry Potter walk into a bar in 1599...

...coz they're all in one great episode of Dr Who (at least by reference). And that's a whole lot of popular character for one 45 minute timeslot. Now, my issue is that i've realised i am nearly as uneducated as you can get when it comes to shakespearian plays and the like, [the extent of my experience doesn't go much past a couple of brief highschool readings and Baz Luhrman's Romeo & Juliet (shut up its a good movie!)]. So if anyone wants to help me out a little here... answer me, these questions three:

Have you read/seen many of shakespeare's plays?

and if so,

Which of these were the most enjoyable/thought provoking?

and given this opinion,


I'm toying with the idea of picking one up, and looking for some light persuasion (and possibly someone to talk shakespearian to when i'm done) to convince me that it's worth the reading effort. You would think that the fact that Shakespeare rocks The Doctor's socks would be enough of a reason for me wouldn't you? For who in the universe could argue with The Doctor? No-one! (except perhaps The Master/John Simm that is). But apparently my reading laziness levels are just a bit too high lately.

Opinions, anyone?

PS: John Simm is great! and so is what i have seen of Life On Mars
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June 13th, 2007

11:27 pm - Check it.
Luke --

Extremely extreme!

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com</td>

Nuff Said, Biyatches. :-D
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June 12th, 2006

11:07 pm - three one!
THREEEE ONNNNNEE!!! THREEE ONNNNEEE!!!! 3-1!!! 3-1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAHILL CAHILL ALOISI!
Current Mood: ecstatic'nuff said

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September 10th, 2005

11:15 pm - Its tea time in the jungle...
Yes indeed... i left hannah's Tea and Circuits party early. Why? Because i needed to work on my programming assignment. Yes indeed. So what am i doing now, while missing said party? UPDATING MY LIVEJOURNAL! ARRRRRGH! Its not humanly possible to work on a saturday night! Amazonas is BRILLIANT. Tea etiquette is BRILLIANT. Exit To Dos/Whatever their name is gonna be are shaping up to be BRILLIANT too (i wait in eager anticipation of the full version of the "As Yet Nameless, Soon To Be Related To Detectoring Catchy Tune").

Now.. programming by comparison to all this? Not so brilliant. I think i shall just accept the fact that i am going to get zero for this assignment. You can bounce back to pass from a 7 or 8% loss in marks right? Of course you can. I SHOULD BE IN THE JUNGLE EATING CIRCUITS AND PLAYING STRATEGO WITH CIGAR SMOKING COLUMBIAN DRUG LORDS CALLED BERNIE WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING AT HOME?!!!!!

I'd also like to note that today was the very first time ive ever had a parade to see me off! Yes indeed, there was clapping and dancing in the street! (although it wasnt improper dancing so its not much of an electric six reference - hey dirty dancing was on the other night! i shouldve watched that) - so yeah, ROCK ON to the tea and circuits crowd for being so happy to see me leave! :-P I bet you're all funning it up to the max while i read and type the night away. Finally, here is undoubtedly the most significant cause for my amazonas defeat at the hands of dr moriarty: (of course, had i had the same amount of jungle experience as him, i would have realised this from the beginning)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

It was so OBVIOUS! Why did i not see the value of the research into girly purple flowers? Curse you iguanas, for you have failed me in my quest for expedition funds!
Current Mood: annoyed(Tea-and-circuit-less)
Current Music: Magnetic Fields - All my little words.

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August 12th, 2005

04:03 pm - May the Ferris be with you!
Shortly after watching a certain movie today, i went googling for pictures, and it turned up THISCollapse )

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July 14th, 2005

10:06 pm - Harry Potter Enthusiast Pope Benedict XVI Tipped To Be Next Bond!
Bond producers are said to be in talks with comedian and lion tamer Pope Benedict XVI about his taking over as the secret agent following the shock announcement that Pierce Brosnan will not be returning after just 268 years in the role.

Insiders were keen to stress that no decision has been made as yet, but it's believed Pope Benedict is a strong favourite.

According to an MGM spokesperson:

"He has that English charm and steely glare that would make him perfect for Bond. We can't make any firm commitments just now, but if negotiations are successful we expect to be filming the regeneration scenes in time for Lent."

Other names who have been tipped for the role include Bill Nighy, who stars in the upcoming Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy movie, David Tennant, star of BBC3's Casanova, and Richard E. Grant, who has already played Bond in an online animated adventure.

It's thought that the next Bond will appear in a recently announced Christmas special, but the producers are keeping tight-lipped over whether or not the current Bond will also make an appearance.

In related news, MGM has confirmed that they are in negotiations for the rights to feature Bond's arch-enemy, the Daleks, in the next series.
Oh the hilarity.

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March 8th, 2005

12:04 am
What's your LJ pirate crew by sorchaeilis
first matekaleidoskopeyes
cabin boysalinity
first wenchguinness1986
second wenchplease_explain
crazy drunkgetmaggot
dead piratekat_25
pet monkeycarnelle_scott
you are the:damsel in distress
Quiz created with MemeGen!

I am The Damsel In Distress! Also note not-so-secret relevance of my "first mate" :-D.

Does anyone know what a "bate" is? Moriarty perhaps since he happens to be one?

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March 3rd, 2005

09:50 pm
LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:luke_26
Your haiku:abby and anne who
must have hit me but couldnt reach
also going to it
Created by Grahame

Figures. Abby and Anne, those violent violent girls. Just a good thing they can't reach (some of the time).

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February 16th, 2005

10:04 pm - Moriarty made me do it!
You scored as Chandler. You're Chandler. The sarcastic commitment phobe. Could you BE any funnier.














Which Friend are you?
created with QuizFarm.com

Oh yeah. AND i only had to do it once for this result :-D.
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